5 Decor Tips For Your Living Room

In most cases the living room is the biggest room in the house.

This is because of placement of several items like sofas and other types of furniture; it sometimes seems cramp and tedious to decorate. Here are some neat tips to help you do a better job:

i. Use of reflective mirrors.
Use of reflective mirrors will ensure maximum light in the rooms. Such light will also make your rooms feel bigger along with giving you a warmer feeling.

ii. Painting the room using lighter and softer colors.
Use of lighter and softer colors in your living room will make it less cramped and give it a fresh and modern look that will also better showcase your furniture.

iii. Add plants in your living room.
Adding plants in your living room makes it more appealing and attractive. It will give a more distinctive look to your living room, and make it come alive.

iv. Reduce clutter in the living room
Having few accessories in the room will make it look nice but make sure you do not overdo it, so it is a good idea to get rid of some of the extra decorations that could make it look a bit too cramped.

v. Ensure there is ample lighting.
Adequate lighting makes it easier for others to use and enjoy a room. Having more and strategically placed lamps as well as installing recessed lighting will help you to achieve the atmosphere you are looking for.

vi. Make proper storage in the living room.
If you have created a place for books, games, and movies, it can all help with making the space more functional and add a decorative appeal. Use open bookshelves or even pieces that double as furniture and storage, such as a bench.

vii. Use of comfortable furniture.
When the couch looks great but isn’t comfortable to sit on, there is a high probability that you won’t use it very much. Be sure when choosing your items that you pick something that is comfortable so you can enjoy it the most.

viii. Using large walls hanging.
This will be useful where the ceiling of the living room is high. Place these hangings above the sofa. This creates a maximum effect.

ix. Beautify the TV
Television is a nice thing to have in the living room, but it can also make a room look cold or cluttered. Hide away the television using a panel screen TV or by enclosing it in a cupboard. Also minimizing wires can also help make it look better and attractive.

You don’t need to make great changes for you to change the appearance of your living room. Adding color and some imagination is all that takes to make it look nice for your taste!